Monthly Archives: May 2011

This morning….

what i wish it was raining..

RECAP: walk outside with my cup of Joe, hear the birds chirping, smell the fresh air, BOOM! Something hits me. My first thought: A bird pooped on me, my second thought: OK! A bird REALLY pooped on me! And my third thought…wait! is it raining!? As I retreat into my house to get my umbrella I hear it pouring outside…. and i had to drive to work in this!!……
Well… This was a great start to my day..


Hello World!



I must admit that I’m excited for this new adventure unfolding in front of me as I speak. [well…er?…type]

I wanted to start this blogging site to pretty much talk. And share with any and everyone who reads it my interests, ideas, opinions, and well…… Quite frankly, I hope to make you all laugh.

[hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….] I wish I could think of something to say right now. If it wasn’t for my 13 yr old cousin, Quinten, I could hear myself think. You see, Quinten likes scremoHOUSErockYELLINGheadBANGINGwallVIBRATINGmariahWAKINGwellLOUD Music. So as you are reading this, Quinten is a floor above me […yes directly above me….]  

/Quinten and loud music \

=================== < his floor, my ceiling.

[Mariah’s sanctuary of peace and quiet]

I’M SERIOUS PEOPLE! This is insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I’ll be back in a few hours… >:/