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The terminal drama!!

So in an attempt to actually fly out of dreaded Missouri, my flight was late!!!  How could they ! yes, of course the safety of all passengers flying from California to Missouri is important…. But I honestly didn’t care at that moment! I wanted to leave this Tornado Allied state and get my tan on……but now……Here it is…..10:30………….yup….just took off! What is up with this people!?

Oh and to top it all off! Incase of an emergency…..I will be one of the 8 go-to people! But thank the lord I made the ‘cut-off ‘to be one of the very few! Ha-ha….I hope it won’t involve the ocean. For all of you that aren’t already aware, I’m not a strong swimmer….and I am overall afraid of sharks….

SO! The Agenda for Cali-for-ni-ayyy you ask? Well hey! Ill give it to you!!



PARTY…haha I’m kidding!

I have my Senior pictures on the beach

I have the beach, lol

Maybe a HOT  guy?- only in my dreams.




And well?????? Eh? Good food!

The only thing I am NOT looking forward to…… uh…. Not sure yet, stay tuned!


Peanut Butter Nutella Bars

You have to try these!

Yes, I know what you are thinking, OHMYGODTHATLOOKSAMAZING! And well folks, it is delicious!

Whoever came up with the brilliant idea to make Nutella is a genius,

Whoever randomly decided to place this amazingly nutty hazelnut spread in-between chocolate and peanut butter….needs to be applauded,

And whoever is reading this Blog post to find out how to make this for yourself, you are a smart cookie!

The recipe to this magical delight is rather simple and also fast, it only took me 45 Minutes to make two trays and 10 minutes to cool after, the only hard part for me was layering everything, because I am a perfectionist I wanted each layer to be perfectly thin and smooth, which….is kind of impossible….but once it was all done I realized that the imperfection just made it feel home-made, which they were 🙂

There are MANY different recipes on the internet for these bars which makes it that much more difficult to decide what to do! So I winged-it!

Different things to consider:

-How crunchy do you want your peanut butter layer?

-How sweet do you want your peanut butter layer?

-Do you want thick layers?

-Thin layers?

-Which layer do you put the Nutella?

After confusing you let me tell you my process,

I placed the Nutella in the middle layer so the chocolate could harden above it and somewhat ‘hide’ the Nutella, also the Nutella wont harden, so instead of having a sticky mess with the Nutella on the top layer its comfortably between sweet peanut butter and wonderful bakers chocolate!



  • 1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter
  • 1 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs (approx 6 large crackers)
  • 18 oz  smooth peanut butter
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 16 oz  semi-sweet chocolate or chocolate chips
  • 1 Container Nutella

Also: large sauce pan, medium sauce pan, glass bowl, sheet pan, wax paper, stiring equipment

First thing I did…

MISE EN PLACE: French: literally meaning everything in its place

I got my water boiling in large sauce pan, my medium saucepan on low heat and my ingredients out on the table.

Take out chocolate and place in glass bowl

Place glass bowl over large sauce pan, reduce heat to medium, and stir every once in a while, reduce heat to medium

While chocolate is melting,..

Melt together Butter, Peanut butter, Powdered sugar in medium sauce pan over low heat.

While that it is melting,. Crush graham crackers then stir into med. Sauce pan .

Stir chocolate

Spread peanut butter mixture evenly onto a sheet pan covered in wax paper and place in fridge.

[After trying to spread the peanut butter spread I shook the pan to smooth it out before placing in the fridge 🙂 ]

Stir chocolate and take off heat.

Take out pan and place a layer of Nutella evenly over peanut butter.

[this is the most tedious part! the Nutella is kind of hard to spread but the longer you take, the better it will look and the less guilty you will feel when you indulge! 🙂 ] 


Almost done!

chill, and repeat with chocolate!.

AGAIN, chill untill chocolate is hardened, then using the wax paper, flip onto a cutting board covered in wax paper [for easy cleaning] and cut into squares.

I left the squares peanut butter-side up and lifted them by the wax paper and placed back into cookie sheet and continued cooling.

Girls night! :)


Tonight Lydia and I are having a slumber party at my house and its jam-packed with fun girly things!! 🙂

First we got matching dinosaur sippy cups!  and they are soooooooooooooo cute!! Mine is the yellow and hers is the blue, I have to say……they go pretty well with this huge pack of mint Oreos….. [dont tell her father…haha]

 The next thing….. MAKE-UP TIME! oh my goodness, NEVER let a 6 yr old do your make-up…she will mess up and say “whoops, now you look like a pretty kitty!!”  



 As it got later we decided to eat our mint Oreos and apply some mask! so much fun!


After all that we watched The Chronicles Of Narnia and have yet to pass out.. 9 o’clock is going to be here before we know it! haha! just kidding, its bed time 🙂

The ‘B’ Word

When did guys think they could call girls BABE?
Beside the fact that its slighty rude… shows lack of respect unless notified otherwise. Dont get me wrong, once or twice is cute. But when a guy doesn’t even use your name…..somethings wrong. Why can’t guys respect women and have the decency to ask? lol.
lets put it this way…..if your not my boyfriend…and havn’t asked…….don’t even try ( ;





     For Victoria’s birthday, she invited six friends to come tubing on Table Rock lake, and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY did we have fun! The water po-po didn’t know what to do with us!!!!! Throwing beer cans and the dolphins, peeing on the branches, eating all the grapes, let me tell you……you did NOT want to mess with us!

  No but really, that didn’t happen. SERIOUSLY. We had a blast.

    As I’m lying in bed thinking of what to tell you,……I’ll just explain the excruciating pain I am in.


  • Brused legs
  • burnt nose
  • It feels like I have a dislocated shoulder
  • slightly nauseous
  • And I can still hear the sound of water rushing at 40 MPH under a tube being pulled by a 20-30 ft rope

Anyways…. there is nothing like being tossed from a round tube and skidding  the lake as if you were a rock being skipped… a muscle man..hahaha! but let me tell you, all your pain goes away once you step back on that boat and there is Justin Bieber- Love me playing full blast 🙂 talk about LEGIT!

The best part was the sun, friends, and all the laughs we shared! I can’t wait untill the next lake trip!

pictures coming soon! 🙂



While thinking of a photo for my little poem, I came across some old pictures from the last time I visited california. Here they are.



MARIAH ))    California Funn by Mariah Volz

MARIAH ))MARIAH ))      MARIAH ))     MARIAH ))MARIAH ))       MARIAH ))       MARIAH ))MARIAH ))      MARIAH ))


New in town?


I can remember the day, almost to a T.

Moving away, away from the sea.

The smell of ocean air

The smell I loved to bare

The smell I loved to share

The ocean view quickly fading.

My room I will soon be arranging.


New friends

New school

New amends

New rules






I am 4/5 of the way in twards the end! have a look and tell me what you think! 🙂


So, as many of you know……. It’s ALMOST Victoria’s BIRTHDAY!!

so for a little pre-partay Victoria, Taylor, and I went last-minute bowling….AWESOME!!

well long story short….. Taylor won!

Victoria came in second….and as for me….


that is NO BUENO!!

-BTW that means not good 🙂



O’Sunny Days! :)


The fun Alanna Livingston and I have on our way to T-Bell and tanning, this was taken a month or two ago, but since I’m in photo2 emptying my folders I decided to post a few 🙂