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HTV Bus Tour : Day 6 & 7, Charleston

The bus ride to Charleston was 10 hours! And I can tell you…..I slept the whole way! but when there is no breakfast and you are forced to eat McDonalds….things get rough. I had to consume a motion sickness pill to get through that pain!!. Once we got there it was round 7:30 and everyone was starving and exhausted. We had to walk around on uncharted grounds after getting kicked off the trolley, and for tourists like us…..that was scary. Everyone split up into groups to fend for themselves, after walking forever and deciding on a place to eat we realized it was on the opposite side of the peninsula of where we were staying, but let me tell you, trying to track down a taxi is a whole other story!..lets just say, after walking a few blocks, and paying $11 we arrived at our destination. Other than that… Great City! No but really, I had a decent time. While in Charleston we got to ride these things called trolleys, which are pretty sketchy. On my way to go shopping I actually left my purse on a trolley, which was the scariest, most nerve racking thing I’ve ever done. Once we recovered my purse (thanks to Ali) Kim, Jodi, Mrs. Putman and I grabbed a smoothy king and hit the road running. The small boutiques were very adorable, and even though the shirts ran around $30+ and the dresses around $50+ I did a great job!


HTV Bus Tour : Day 4 & 5, PCB

WOW! What a crazy two days folks. The beach was so beautiful ,the sand was white and soft, the waves were 5-6 feet tall and the sun was shining.

One of the two downsides to Panama City ;

The sunburns it gave us! and two…The amount of money it took from our wallets.

Some exciting things that occurred :

-Ear piercings and Henna tattoos galore!

-Having a 5 star chef being put to work on the grills,

and beach volleyball…which, Bradley and I dominated in.

During the first night of our stay we all crashed this awesome party at a coffee house, I think they were from the midwest. They were alright, This kid named Jessica sang, It was soooo beautiful. Once that got old we shimmied on down to Pier Park where Kaley Prier and I rode mechanical surfboards, talk about LEGIT! Overall it was a well rounded two days.


HTV Bus Tour : Day 2 & 3, New Orleans

Once arriving 2 hours late, the muggy, humid New Orleans welcomed us with a bang! Three minutes of suite case moving and we were all dripping sweat, and with only 30 short minutes until the group meeting, there was nothing we could do about it. After it took Paige, Kaley and I 3 hours to get ready, we went to a not-so-fancy restaurant and spent almost every dime we had on a big plate of GODONLYKNOWSWHAT! Lets just say…welcome to New Orleans. After realizing how late it was into the night , we only stopped at one store…..then realized we needed cash….. MOM?? bank account deposit please 🙂 Well…can’t wait until arriving at Panama City!! 🙂 G’Night.

HTV Bus Tour : Day1, Memphis

Well folks, its day one….and booooooyyyyy are we having fun. The bus ride consisted of nausea, sleep, and pranking. And let me tell you, there is nothing more fun than waking up to Brad Thomas dripping your Mocha Frappe on your face. Other than that, we arrived safely and began partying on Beale street…then found our stories. Once the craziness and drama of our filming was complete we dressed in our finest attire the party really got pumping. The band was amazing, Kaley and I totally started a party on the dance floor and the food was to die for. Then we went clubbing…..just kidding. We had a blast! stay tuned for an update on New Orleans 🙂


For many…having exciting senior pictures is a MUST!!
So, unlike everyone else where they get them done and the lake, or downtown, or even on a railroad track…..I had mine done on the beach along the Santa Monica pier and in Malibu, despite the wind and cold water I powered through it! It was quite the adventure I must say, all my siblings came along and played while I worked, sometimes…well most of the time, they would interfere…but I’m used to that…any who, they turned out great. Picture will def. be posted shortly!!!


This weekend, My mother and I went surfing in Malibu, and it was great…until I got tossed into the rocky shore. That….was NOT fun! I think I might have killed a sea critter with my 120 lb body…..but then again….water does make you feel lighter than you are…who knows…
Also getting stuck in a ‘field’ of seaweed wasn’t to great either….It was the most slimy-ist most creepy feeling in the world, almost as if Ursula from the little mermaid was trying to capture me and take me to her abyss…..moving on. Once I had finally had enough, I retreated to the shore, which I thought would be easy….But due to my mothers hot pink long board and its long fins, I had great trouble doing so. The rocks where slimy, I fell on my butt a few times, and well, came out bruised to death, thank god they were minor and some have vanished already… but some still linger. OUCH!

The $23 lunch for 1and ½:

As many of you know, my week long trip to california is now over, and yes, I am home. But what you don’t know is the pain I experienced when buying lunch near my terminal. Oi Vey! That was not fun.. :/ once arriving I realized my stomach growling, so in an attempt to fix this morning I bought My sister, Becca and I lunch. AND BOOOOYYY DID IT SUCK! Sure, paying $23 in hopes of a decent meal was fine! But, paying $23 for a horrible meal and shitty service, I was greatly upset. First, I had asked for a cheese burger with Ketchup, Mustard and Pickles…..and got a bland, dry , burger….next, My sister ordered a Claim Chowder without a bread bowl….and it was cold. When we retreated back to the front desk the lady gave us a great deal of excuses. Which was NO BUENO. For those of you who know me…you know that I don’t put up with that sort of thing…… and don’t handle it very well…..So long story short….dont buy food in an airport.