HTV Bus Tour : Day 6 & 7, Charleston

The bus ride to Charleston was 10 hours! And I can tell you…..I slept the whole way! but when there is no breakfast and you are forced to eat McDonalds….things get rough. I had to consume a motion sickness pill to get through that pain!!. Once we got there it was round 7:30 and everyone was starving and exhausted. We had to walk around on uncharted grounds after getting kicked off the trolley, and for tourists like us…..that was scary. Everyone split up into groups to fend for themselves, after walking forever and deciding on a place to eat we realized it was on the opposite side of the peninsula of where we were staying, but let me tell you, trying to track down a taxi is a whole other story!..lets just say, after walking a few blocks, and paying $11 we arrived at our destination. Other than that… Great City! No but really, I had a decent time. While in Charleston we got to ride these things called trolleys, which are pretty sketchy. On my way to go shopping I actually left my purse on a trolley, which was the scariest, most nerve racking thing I’ve ever done. Once we recovered my purse (thanks to Ali) Kim, Jodi, Mrs. Putman and I grabbed a smoothy king and hit the road running. The small boutiques were very adorable, and even though the shirts ran around $30+ and the dresses around $50+ I did a great job!


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