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HTV Bus Tour : Day 8, Gatlinburg

No words can describe how scared I am from this city. Oh My Goodness!

Going to two scary attractions…..IN A ROW! The first was a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not haunted maze…which I will post tomorrow! The second was a scary sit-down show, I thought it was the scariest of the two. Ryan, poor thing, went first in the maze, with only 8 other people behind him and a tiny glow stick to guide us through, I felt bad, but then again…..I was in the middle. Lets just say….I am staying in this hotel room!

The best part of the day was probably eating a lunch/dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Breanna, Kaley, Jessica, Ryan, and myself. And even though we were full….we got ice cream, I have no clue how I could walk after that, but I did. Let me tell you, spending money on souvenirs is painful to watch and do yourself. YIKES! especially when these creepy guys are flirting with you, but whats worse….when weird guys started taking pictures of Kaley and I in the trolley, I wanted to punch them! Im just glad I wasn’t alone. Oh! Kaley and I got Aton of candy! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK wooooooooooo!!! I am still hyper!