This blog is a shout out to Galen Bell,
Galen is my best friend!
He is the drum-major for the Blue Wave Band,
A pretty cool guy,
And probably the only high schooler that reads my blog.

Just a moment ago I received a text message from him exclaiming his love for me, and how one day……We would be married 🙂 BUT!!!! If I didn’t post new ‘Material’ He would deny me and my love for his 10.0 GPA. He also explained the process of photosynthesis to me, and how (like a flower) his love is the sun…….and how I need it to survive in this horrid world we live.

So! I jumped quick to my feet.
Ran to my computer.
logged on to WordPress (which took awhile, I forgot my password)[Whoops]
And typed up a dying love story, for my soon-to-be-Hubby
So he would read my blog, forevermore……

A Mariah Volz Production 🙂


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