I might possibly be making mugs.

And depending on if people like them…..

I might be selling them 🙂

I found this concept on Pinterest.Com

(Its a mug with an added shelf….for COOKIES! )

and had the “AHAAA!” Moment!

what if I made that! Milk and cookie lovers all over the world

would have the perfect cup!

 Those coffee finatics, ya….there scones would have a hideout!

and best of all….it is hand made!!

So shoot me an E-Mail : Mariahvolz@gmail.com


and let me know what YOU think, tell me if you would buy one

…or two!

and how much you would buy it for!  :))


This is the unfinished product.

This mug is currently being fired and glazed! I will be posting

pictures of the FINISHED product in a few days! :))

ALSO~ If you contact me fast you will have a say in color and

handle choices!!

Possibly for sale?


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