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The terminal drama!!

So in an attempt to actually fly out of dreaded Missouri, my flight was late!!!  How could they ! yes, of course the safety of all passengers flying from California to Missouri is important…. But I honestly didn’t care at that moment! I wanted to leave this Tornado Allied state and get my tan on……but now……Here it is…..10:30………….yup….just took off! What is up with this people!?

Oh and to top it all off! Incase of an emergency…..I will be one of the 8 go-to people! But thank the lord I made the ‘cut-off ‘to be one of the very few! Ha-ha….I hope it won’t involve the ocean. For all of you that aren’t already aware, I’m not a strong swimmer….and I am overall afraid of sharks….

SO! The Agenda for Cali-for-ni-ayyy you ask? Well hey! Ill give it to you!!



PARTY…haha I’m kidding!

I have my Senior pictures on the beach

I have the beach, lol

Maybe a HOT  guy?- only in my dreams.




And well?????? Eh? Good food!

The only thing I am NOT looking forward to…… uh…. Not sure yet, stay tuned!