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Girls night! :)


Tonight Lydia and I are having a slumber party at my house and its jam-packed with fun girly things!! 🙂

First we got matching dinosaur sippy cups!  and they are soooooooooooooo cute!! Mine is the yellow and hers is the blue, I have to say……they go pretty well with this huge pack of mint Oreos….. [dont tell her father…haha]

 The next thing….. MAKE-UP TIME! oh my goodness, NEVER let a 6 yr old do your make-up…she will mess up and say “whoops, now you look like a pretty kitty!!”  



 As it got later we decided to eat our mint Oreos and apply some mask! so much fun!


After all that we watched The Chronicles Of Narnia and have yet to pass out.. 9 o’clock is going to be here before we know it! haha! just kidding, its bed time 🙂