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The Loner

All my life I’ve been alone, everything from not having a father, to not having “Friends”. I see the people around me laughing, chatting, and hanging out, doing the same things…..together. I guess being together for 12+ years, you wouldn’t know any different. But I’m sadly learning that when you are forced to leave the people you know ,and the friends you love in the middle of those 12 years…..It can ruin a person. I sit in class and look to my right, there they are, the people I thought I could call “Friends”. They ignore me, they don’t even acknowledge me, even when I try! What does a girl have to do to get a decent friend around here?

You can call them the ‘mean girls’, ‘that clique’, maybe even the ‘suck up girls’, But they probably don’t know any better. I just wish they would try.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have maybe two good friends. But they are never there to listen to me when I need them the most. Wait…..then are they actually my friends?

How could something that is supposed to be simple, be so difficult? What does someone mess up for this to happen?

I’m the kind of person who will walk up to a lonely nerd at a school dance and say “Hey, would you like to dance?” Heck, I’d even walk up to a random hot guy and say, “My name is Mariah! What is yours?” But how does one go about making actual friends when people don’t acknowledge you?

So many unanswered questions!

In life, how can you make lemonade without lemons?
All of this ‘drama’ has taught me a lot about myself, in a way.. It’s made me a better person!



Is it bad that I am already thinking about prom?
… okay DONT answer that …
I mean, how can you avoid something so…. SO MASSIVE!
There are so many unanswered questions, anyone have some answers?? 🙂
And, I mean, its not like… “What shade of blue makes me look skinny”
-What color dress?
-Should I buy one now?
-What if I gain weight and can’t fit in my dress?
-Do I drive myself?
-Does my date drive me?
-What if the guy I want to ask me, DOESN’T?
-What if the guy I don’t want to ask me…DOES!?
ah! My mind is spinning! and I need answers! FAST!

HTV 189

Check out the official HTV look back at the Bus Tour to the south!


This blog is a shout out to Galen Bell,
Galen is my best friend!
He is the drum-major for the Blue Wave Band,
A pretty cool guy,
And probably the only high schooler that reads my blog.

Just a moment ago I received a text message from him exclaiming his love for me, and how one day……We would be married 🙂 BUT!!!! If I didn’t post new ‘Material’ He would deny me and my love for his 10.0 GPA. He also explained the process of photosynthesis to me, and how (like a flower) his love is the sun…….and how I need it to survive in this horrid world we live.

So! I jumped quick to my feet.
Ran to my computer.
logged on to WordPress (which took awhile, I forgot my password)[Whoops]
And typed up a dying love story, for my soon-to-be-Hubby
So he would read my blog, forevermore……

A Mariah Volz Production 🙂

HTV Bus Tour : Day 8, Gatlinburg

No words can describe how scared I am from this city. Oh My Goodness!

Going to two scary attractions…..IN A ROW! The first was a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not haunted maze…which I will post tomorrow! The second was a scary sit-down show, I thought it was the scariest of the two. Ryan, poor thing, went first in the maze, with only 8 other people behind him and a tiny glow stick to guide us through, I felt bad, but then again…..I was in the middle. Lets just say….I am staying in this hotel room!

The best part of the day was probably eating a lunch/dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Breanna, Kaley, Jessica, Ryan, and myself. And even though we were full….we got ice cream, I have no clue how I could walk after that, but I did. Let me tell you, spending money on souvenirs is painful to watch and do yourself. YIKES! especially when these creepy guys are flirting with you, but whats worse….when weird guys started taking pictures of Kaley and I in the trolley, I wanted to punch them! Im just glad I wasn’t alone. Oh! Kaley and I got Aton of candy! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK wooooooooooo!!! I am still hyper!


For many…having exciting senior pictures is a MUST!!
So, unlike everyone else where they get them done and the lake, or downtown, or even on a railroad track…..I had mine done on the beach along the Santa Monica pier and in Malibu, despite the wind and cold water I powered through it! It was quite the adventure I must say, all my siblings came along and played while I worked, sometimes…well most of the time, they would interfere…but I’m used to that…any who, they turned out great. Picture will def. be posted shortly!!!


This weekend, My mother and I went surfing in Malibu, and it was great…until I got tossed into the rocky shore. That….was NOT fun! I think I might have killed a sea critter with my 120 lb body…..but then again….water does make you feel lighter than you are…who knows…
Also getting stuck in a ‘field’ of seaweed wasn’t to great either….It was the most slimy-ist most creepy feeling in the world, almost as if Ursula from the little mermaid was trying to capture me and take me to her abyss…..moving on. Once I had finally had enough, I retreated to the shore, which I thought would be easy….But due to my mothers hot pink long board and its long fins, I had great trouble doing so. The rocks where slimy, I fell on my butt a few times, and well, came out bruised to death, thank god they were minor and some have vanished already… but some still linger. OUCH!

The $23 lunch for 1and Â½:

As many of you know, my week long trip to california is now over, and yes, I am home. But what you don’t know is the pain I experienced when buying lunch near my terminal. Oi Vey! That was not fun.. :/ once arriving I realized my stomach growling, so in an attempt to fix this morning I bought My sister, Becca and I lunch. AND BOOOOYYY DID IT SUCK! Sure, paying $23 in hopes of a decent meal was fine! But, paying $23 for a horrible meal and shitty service, I was greatly upset. First, I had asked for a cheese burger with Ketchup, Mustard and Pickles…..and got a bland, dry , burger….next, My sister ordered a Claim Chowder without a bread bowl….and it was cold. When we retreated back to the front desk the lady gave us a great deal of excuses. Which was NO BUENO. For those of you who know me…you know that I don’t put up with that sort of thing…… and don’t handle it very well…..So long story short….dont buy food in an airport.

The ‘B’ Word

When did guys think they could call girls BABE?
Beside the fact that its slighty rude… shows lack of respect unless notified otherwise. Dont get me wrong, once or twice is cute. But when a guy doesn’t even use your name…..somethings wrong. Why can’t guys respect women and have the decency to ask? lol.
lets put it this way…..if your not my boyfriend…and havn’t asked…….don’t even try ( ;





     For Victoria’s birthday, she invited six friends to come tubing on Table Rock lake, and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY did we have fun! The water po-po didn’t know what to do with us!!!!! Throwing beer cans and the dolphins, peeing on the branches, eating all the grapes, let me tell you……you did NOT want to mess with us!

  No but really, that didn’t happen. SERIOUSLY. We had a blast.

    As I’m lying in bed thinking of what to tell you,……I’ll just explain the excruciating pain I am in.


  • Brused legs
  • burnt nose
  • It feels like I have a dislocated shoulder
  • slightly nauseous
  • And I can still hear the sound of water rushing at 40 MPH under a tube being pulled by a 20-30 ft rope

Anyways…. there is nothing like being tossed from a round tube and skidding  the lake as if you were a rock being skipped… a muscle man..hahaha! but let me tell you, all your pain goes away once you step back on that boat and there is Justin Bieber- Love me playing full blast 🙂 talk about LEGIT!

The best part was the sun, friends, and all the laughs we shared! I can’t wait untill the next lake trip!

pictures coming soon! 🙂